About National Healthcare Billing
National Healthcare Billing is a California Corporation that was established with one mission: “To be Leaders of the Future.” With the healthcare industry constantly evolving, we offer physician practices an affordable, outsourced, experienced billing staff dedicated to mental/behavioral health medical billing, collections, and the understanding of healthcare insurance companies changing landscape.
Medical Billing Professionals - National Healthcare BillingNational Healthcare Billing’s foundation is based on the hands on understanding of the healthcare field challenges are faced with on a daily basis. In the mid-2000s, the founder of National Healthcare Billing recognized a growing need for billing services while working as an administrative assistant for a well-known hospital in Pasadena, California. The lack of attention to detail as well as the outdated technology used to bill for the Mental Health Department specifically was the driving force behind starting this business.

Thus National Healthcare Billing Inc. was created with a strong background in business, operational experience and mental/behavioral health administration. To help those psychiatrist gain a better grasp of their practice.
Medical Billing Professionals - National Healthcare BillingWhile most hospitals are phasing out mental health departments and/or drastically reducing department’s operational budget, there are a few facilities including: Community Hospital of Long Beach Memorial Care Center for Mental Health & Wellness and The Della Martin Center (DMC) at Huntington Memorial Hospital pioneering the bridging of the gap between outpatient services for patients who are not severe enough to require inpatient hospitalization, but need more structure than outpatient therapy and having no services at all.

The program is structured to facilitate the patients return to their maximum level of independence using group therapy focused on coping behavior, cognitive behavior, life skills, medication education, stress management and interpersonal relationship skills. With that in mind, there are times when mental health practices fall within the “gray zone” with penitents (insurance companies first approve then deny coverage) leaving the physician exposed after services were rendered. For this reason you should choose a billing company that specializes in the mental/behavioral healthcare field throughout the United States and that can do it at an affordable rate.

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